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Precast Mark 8 Type Toilet

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The mark 8 concrete toilet with concrete base slab and galvanised stud cast is designed with a greater internal space.  Internal dimensions of 920mm wide by 1200mm long by 1950mm high.

Base Slab

Consists of a split (2) main base slab to accommodate top structure.


Main Slab
Mass of main slab
: 1.5m x 1.6m x  0.050mm
: 280kg
: 311 mesh


4 x galvanized studs cast and recessed into base on main slab.

Side Panel

  • 1.1m long x 605mm high x 35mm thick.
  • Mass 57kg
  • 4mm wire with fibres

Back Panel

  • 850mm long x 605mm high x 35mm thick
  • Mass 40kg
  • 4mm wire with fibres
All concrete is manufactured to 35 MPA